A sudden hail storm can catch many car owners by surprise and can do what looks to be major damage. Here at GWSR we have only the best Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) personnel on hand to undertake the required repairs to get your vehicle back to its original condition from before the hail storm.

There are a few ways that we can do hail damage repairs. Such ways are push the dents out from underneath, pull the dents from on top, replace the part entirely or use normal panel repair methods. What approach we take depends on the cost taking into consideration the price of purchasing and installing a new part compared to panel beating or PDR. If the PDR method is used, in most cases no painting is required. Sometimes the dent could be so large that it stretches the metal panel and conventional repairs or part replacement is required.

In the event of a hail storm many vehicles are damaged and at GWSR we have a process in place to get the quotes for insurance companies completed. If you are affected by hail damage you must contact us as soon as possible to book in for a quote time. We do not quote on vehicles that turn up unexpectedly simply because there are many quotes to be done. It may also take up to two weeks before your quote is finalised and sent away to the insurance company.

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